Our Story

More than 35 years ago an old friend invited me to go with him quail hunting. I had never hunted quail with a dog until then. As a boy growing up on the farm, my wonderful daddy had always owned beagles. We were avid rabbit-hunters. I hunted with my brother, my daddy, grandpa, and my great-uncle Ilie. We would occasionally kill a quail or two while rabbit hunting but never hunted with a bird dog. I can still hear those beagles running on the hot-trail of a cotton tail. The quail-hunting trip with my friend changed me forever. Shortly after that hunt I purchased my first birddog, a pointer puppy. I have owned bird dogs ever since.

Our Dogs

I do not particularly favor one breed over another. I have seen and owned some outstanding, solid dogs in the English Setter breed, the English Pointer breed, the German Shorthaired Pointer breed, the Boykin Spaniel breed, and also the Brittany Spaniel breed.