Every dog and puppy mentioned on this site is registered either by AKC (The American Kennel Club), CKC (Chaka the ONLY CKC female), FDSB (Field Dog Stud Book), or the (BSS) Boykin Spaniel Society. All of my puppies come with full unlimited registration. I sell to people that keep their dogs in an outside kennel as well as inside the house. All sales are final, It will be your dog - all of it. Who pays hard-earned money for a puppy and then does not love and care for it? I do request the FIRST RETURN RIGHTS if a person is unable to keep the puppy or dog after it is grown.

My dogs are bred to hunt. Most of the pups go to buyers that use them for a variety of things; as family pets, for versatile hunting (quail, pheasants, ducks, dove, geese, antler-sheds, blood-trails), hiking, jogging, and PLAYING! I have multiple references upon request. So many buyers respond in a few months and say, "You were right, I did not need any training video's or books my dog is a natural birddog."

Reserving Your Puppy

Most people select their pup from the pictures posted on our website, you are welcome to make an appointment and view them at our kennel as well - It is a choice the buyer makes. Puppies are picked in the order reserved. Puppies are always weaned, eating Dry Purina Puppy Chow and ready to leave at 6 weeks old. We encourage the buyer when his or her Pick up time comes to schedule a time to come to pick up the puppy.  

** There is a form on this site that you can fill out and send in about availability or just send an email to: spintopkennel@gmail.com or call or text 256-431-6584 **

Registration & Vaccinations

Every puppy comes with:

  • Unlimited Registration Paperwork

  • Vaccinations & Dewormed (At least 2 three-day series)

  • Micro-chipped (scanned in the presence of the buyer)

  • Tails and dew-claws docked

  • Maintenance papers available at pick-up day

Recent Pups

German Shorthaired Pointers: Both Goose and Gretta had their pups. Goose has got seven pups born on April 29. She has got four females and three males. Greta’s babies were born on April 30th. She has got six males and two females. There is still one liver-roan colored female that is available from the Goose-Jubal litter. Gabby and Chaka had their pup on 5-25-2019. Gabby was bred to Jubal. She has got SIX female and FIVE males. Chaka was bred to Lord. She has got FOUR females and THREE males. There are pups available. I have not made pictures yet. I like for the pups to be able to stand and their eyes opened. Plus, it takes 3-4 weeks for the colors to become distinct. If you are interested in reserving a puppy you may let me know. It is fine to fill and submit the form on this site…call or text 256-431-6584 or email: spintopkennel@gmail.com The pictures and pedigrees of the parents are available. .

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** References, pictures, and copies of the pedigrees are available upon request.**