Submitted by: Jeff Garland on Jul 16, 2018

We just got a little liver and white Brittany from David and couldn't be happier. David was really nice, good to work with and excellent with my boys when we came to pick up the pup. The pup has only been with us a few days but is already settled in and gets along great with our cats. We didn't have to house train him cause he just seemed to know what was right and when to ask to go outside. Very quiet, very calm and very smart. This speaks well of how David raises his dogs. I grew up hunting with German Shorthairs but always wanted a Brittany. I don't really have a place to hunt him now but I hope to start training for field work very soon, that is if I can get him away from my kids and my wife. He has really bonded with them all and my 3 boys and the pup run until they are all exhausted and happy. When they are done, he usually walks right in the house and lays down by, or on, my wife's feet. I don't think we could have had a better experience than with David and our new Brittany.



"Took our 11 month old GSP that we got from Mr. Holt to the dove field for the first time without much training due to a hectic spring and summer schedule. Excellent breeding showed out as our Dolly retrieved every bird we shot and brought them straight back to me. She found doves that fell in high weeds, she found doves that fell in woods and she tracked down a few doves for other folks that she didn't see shot. She made my 6 year old boy's day with all the doves she retrieved, he absolutely loved it and walked her proudly back to the truck after shooting our limit. A big thanks to Mr. Holt and his wonderful family for letting us own one of his wonderful dogs, our Dolly has been the perfect mix between a great hunting dog and loyal family pet!"

Shane Dempsey

"David & his family are beyond wonderful. There just is no way to explain the patience & kindness we received through this family. We lost our 10 year old GSP Molly...& were devastated. We don't have children because I have a severe neurological problem and these are our babies. I found David & told him I needed a baby~but I had to have different 'color'..so we drove over and he had our Josey waiting for us! I had so many questions & never once did David mind me bugging him to death with puppy questions. So sweet. These are the kindest Christian people who love their fur babies. I recommend them highly. No doubt we will be back! I can never thank them enough for having our sweet girl for us."

Beth Moore

August 3, 2018 Sir, Just wanted to let you know what a fine dog this pup from Lord and Chaka turned out to be. She is a bird chasing and retrieving fool. I've taught her to blood trail deer and I've recently taught her to bark when she finds a snake and she has gotten really good at it. She found a big rattler today about 50 ft from my back porch, went crazy barking at it and ran back to porch barking. I went outside told asked her where is it at, she ran right too it barked and I took care of the rest. Great dog and she absolutely adores the kids --Shane D.