Where It All Began 

More than 35 years ago an old friend invited me to go with him quail hunting. I had never hunted quail with a dog until then. As a boy growing up on the farm, my wonderful daddy had always owned beagles. We were avid rabbit-hunters. I hunted with my brother, my precious daddy, grandpa, and my great-uncle Ilie. We would occasionally kill a quail or two while rabbit hunting, but never hunted with a bird dog. I can still hear those beagles running on the hot-trail of a cotton tail...

That quail-hunting trip with my friend changed me forever. Shortly after that hunt I purchased my first birddog, a pointer puppy and I have owned bird dogs ever since. I have owned some of the best dogs I have ever hunted with and have hunted with others who had some of the best and worst. And, not all of mine have been perfect!


After some health issues (we all have a story) I retired in May of 2014 from teaching high school and coaching football. Now, raising pups, training my own dogs and spending time with my grandchildren has become one of my greatest hobbies and those passions occupy much of my time. During the past several years during hunting season my sons, grandchildren, friends (both Alabama and Auburn), coaching buddies, boys and girls from school and I hunted almost every Saturday and on many holidays.  I am still in the field as much as possible. 

Our Kennel

My kennels, paperwork, and dogs are inspected by an AKC inspector and are open to random checks. The inspection records may be viewed by any buyer. We have never received a negative mark on any inspection. My most recent inspection was in February. Our pups are worth as much as anyone gets. We are not in competition with anyone and we do not make negative comments about other breeders' dogs. We sell our pups for what we want to sell them for and we have given away several puppies and older dogs.

Our Dogs

Since I have retired I have expanded quite a bit and have added some more quality dogs. We at Spin Top Kennel will deal honestly with you. We want you to tell others how we treated you. Contact us if you would like a trained dog, started dog, or a puppy; we just might have what you are looking for. Give us a call -- bring your dog, and we'll go shoot some birds. Or, just come by for a scheduled visit. We sincerely thank you for visiting our site. And, we hope that God will bless you as wonderfully as he has blessed us!

We also raise birds to work with the dogs and to have family and friend hunts. I do not have quail to sale.  Our pups are probably socialized as good as any pups in the country. My grandchildren love to play with the puppies. They roll them on the ground, ride them on the golf cart, pile up with them in the cedar shavings and as they say, "help train them." I do not particularly favor one breed over another. I have seen and owned some outstanding, solid dogs in the English Setter breed, the English Pointer breed, the German Shorthaired Pointer breed, the Boykin Spaniel breed, and also the Brittany Spaniel breed.

We strive to have quality dogs at all times: both male and female, and we raise quality pups from our different breeds. The majority of trained or started dogs that we sell are shown and sold at the farm. We have proven crosses and many references. I have dogs in the kennels from past breedings --MY STOCK. We will show the potential buyer first-hand what our dogs will do. That makes the decision easier and there is no misunderstanding about any dog.

GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTERS:   Bobbie Sue and Kopper had SIX females and three males.  There are still three females and one male available as of October 11, 2018. Chaka and Lord have got 8 babies that were born September 5, 2018. There are three males and five females. There are available pups. This is a THREE-TIME breeding, These pups are bred right.  They will make excellent hunting dogs as well as family pets. The litter is colored liver-roan. If things go well I will also have a litter from Fox and Zeke that will be ready to leave the week of Christmas! I have so many, many references. Give me a call or text: 256-431-6584 or email:spintopkennel@gmail.com and connect with me on FACEBOOK! David Holt …or Spin Top Kennel.

Brittanys:  If my female Sage is bred her babies will be ready to leave during Christmas. I also have got a freind that has got some OLDER male brittany pups….they are JUST RIGHT for this season NOW! If you are interested get in touch with me. I will give you that information.

BOYKIN SPANIELS: I should have a couple of females that will cycle SOON!   I will be happy to reserve a puppy for you. 

*** I have a form on this site that one can fill out if interested in a puppy or it is just fine to call or text: 256-431-6584 or email: spintopkennel@gmail.com ***


Paperwork & Registration


What's included when you buy a puppy from us:

  • All pups leave with Registration Paper
  • Pups have Unlimited Registration
  • All pups are micro-chipped and dewormed regularly
  • All pups will have first vaccination and 2nd vaccination is recommended within two weeks.
  • Pups are weaned and eating dry Purina Puppy Chow at 6 weeks old.
  • Pups can leave at 6 weeks old.
  • All records are documented and leave with the puppy at pick up

Schedule A Visit

Give us a call at 256-232-9142 or click the button below to contact us by email.